Burger king survey at- www.mybkexperience.com

Burger king, one of the leading fast food chains now started a feedback survey known as MyBKExperience so they can get customer’s point of view on food quality and service. For sharing your valuable feedback they will provide you coupon code for free whoper.

Established in 1954, Burger King has preserved its position at the top through quality food that makes everyone come back for more. The best thing about them? Their top tier customer service and hospitality. They are always on the move to do better for their customers, to provide them the best kind of service. It is keeping these goals in mind that the MyBKExperience was created.

Why should you participate in MyBKExperience Survey?

In this guide, we’ll present before you the complete walkthrough to get the whole experience. And did we mention that there are rewards involved as well? The Burger King Survey rewards guarantee you a coupon code that can be redeemed on your next visit to the store. This earns you a free WHOPPER or a Classic Chicken Sandwich on your next purchase.

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Requirements to take part in MyBKExperience Survey

You need to fulfill these requirements for participation in MyBKExperience Survey.

  • A fast internet connection to get access to the site.
  • A recent purchase receipt with a valid receipt number from the Burger King outlet.
  • Some time on your hands to participate in the customer satisfaction survey.
  • And most importantly, your true feelings regarding their service and your experience with Burger King.
  • You must have basic knowledge of English or French.

Rules for participating in MyBKExperience Survey

  • Minimum age limit is 18 years.
  • You must have citizenship of U.S.
  • Burger king employees are not allowed to take part in MyBKExperience feedback survey.
  • You must have burger king customer receipt.

How to participate in MyBKExperience Burger King Survey?

Before you think about participating in the MyBKExperience Survey, you need to keep the receipt of the most recent purchase from your nearest Burger King at hand. Once you make sure of that, just follow the steps given under:

  • Visit the official website at www.mybkexperience.com to start your feedback survey.
  • This is the point where you will require your receipt. Enter the restaurant number written on your receipt in the space provided for the same. Click on “Next”.
Burger king survey at-  www.mybkexperience.com
  • You will be taken to the website where you will be asked to share your original, genuine experience with your nearest Burger King. Honest feedback is the most appreciated.
  • The questions generally about common issues such as the level of hygiene, cleanliness maintained around the premises, behaviour of staff etc.  
  • After completing the www.mykfcexperience.com survey you will get the coupon code and claim your rewards at the nearest burger King joint.

Burger King Survey Rewards

After completing the www mykfcexperience com survey, Burger King will reward you with a coupon code. When you have the code, you can redeem it at the nearest burger king you last visited and get the following meals.

  • Original chicken sandwich
  • Croissan’Wich
  • Whopper Sandwich
  • Free Chicken or Veg Whopper


What do you get after completing the burger king survey?

You can win a free Whopper Sandwich or an Original Chicken Sandwich.

Can we use the voucher to get the cash prize?

No, by using this voucher you can only get items provided by burger king.

Within how many days user can redeem the voucher?

To redeem the voucher you need to visit the store within 30 days.

Where customer can take the survey?

Customers can take the feedback survey on their official website www.mybkexperience.com

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